Forum 2015 discussion: ROCK AND RULE: Dancing with EULEX

Forum 2015 discussion: ROCK AND RULE: Dancing with EULEX

Forum 2015


June 28, 2013


The EULEX rule of law mission in Kosovo is the EU’s largest Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP) mission to date. EULEX’s mission statement was set in 2008 in a Council Joint Action. EULEX’s designated mission is to “assist the Kosovo institutions, judicial authorities and law enforcement agencies in their progress towards sustainability and accountability and in further developing and strengthening an independent multi-ethnic justice system and multi-ethnic police and customs service, ensuring that these institutions are free from political interference and adhering to internationally recognized standards and European best practices.” 

However, “despite significant EU assistance, progress in improving the rule of law is limited”. “A EULEX failure in Kosovo would be a failure of the European project in Kosovo, and potentially in the entire region of the western Balkans.” Some have argued that on an institutional, foundational level, horizontal (political) conflicts between EU member states regarding Kosovo’s status have caused ‘ambiguous recognition’ and low levels of cohesion in the justice and policing sectors.

Aiming to promote informed debate about the impact the mission has had on advancement of the rule of law in Kosovo, Forum 2015 has decided to  initiate a public debate by presenting thorough analysis on the topic, generated after a thorough analysis conducted by the Group for Legal and Political Studies.  The analysis aimed in particular  to identify ten aspects that challenged mostly success of the EULEX.  Titled Rock and Rule: Dancing with EULEX, the analysis has been published under the frame of the “What Went Wrong” series and will serve to open the debate with key Kosovar players on the rule of law.

Hence the panel will consist of distinguished speakers, including: Head of EULEX Kosovo Mr. Bernd Borchardt, Minister of Justice Mr. Hajredin Kuqi,  Member of Kosovo Parliament/LDK  Ms. Vjosa Osmani and Deputy Chair of Vetëvendosje  Mr.Shpend AhmetiMr. Agron Bajrami, an independent analyst, will moderate the panel.

Therefore, Forum 2015 organizes the panel discussion which will take place on: July 2, 2013 in Swiss Diamond Hotel starting at 14:30.

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