How we work

The Kosovo Foundation for Open Society is a national foundation, a member of the network of Open Society Foundations. As an independent foundation based in Kosovo, every year KFOS provides hundreds of grants to civil society organizations and individuals to promote rule of law and good governance, and fight corruption and inter-ethnic divisions.


grants awarded to CSOs and individuals in 2019

2.4 mil. €

KFOS budget for 2019

Our approach

As a local organizations, the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society collaborates with civil society and public institutions to push forward public policies and strengthen democracy in Kosovo. To achieve this, the Foundation develops and implements its own projects as well as supports organizations and individuals committed to building an open society. Similarly to OSF, KFOS works closely together with organizations and individuals to build long-term relationships and advocate for common strategic goals. It also uses various paths to find collaborators: from contacting organizations and individuals directly to open calls. KFOS plays a pro-active role in identifying partners and is actively engaged in initiating collaborative efforts with organizations and individuals with the purpose of creating wider coalitions. 


Through grantmaking, the Foundation supports non-governmental organizations, networks of organizations, and individuals, by covering implementation costs for research and advocacy activities, as well as operational and administrative costs for organizations. The foundation works closely with its partners to advocate in the main fields defined in its strategy. To learn more about the Foundation’s programmatic work, see What we do>

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