Visa Liberalization: Kosovo’s Saga on the EU Path



February 23, 2022


Visa Liberalization: Kosovo’s Saga on the EU Path

Authored by Zoran Nechev and Donika Emini, the policy brief "Visa Liberalization: Kosovo’s Saga on the EU Path"  goes back in time to portray the thorny and difficult path Kosovo took and remains to take in order to be granted visa-free travel for its citizens. 

It offers an assessment of the current situation – albeit the European Commission did not revisit its opinion on Kosovo, nor has the European Parliament changed its positive stance toward Kosovo. The analysis continues to debunk the extensive politicization of the process and offers suggestions on how to unblock the process by granting Kosovo visa liberalization, thus having an extensive positive impact on how the EU is perceived in Kosovo and in the region.          

This policy brief is part of a series of publications produced by the Kosovo Research and Analysis Fellowship (KRAF), an operational KFOS project.                                             




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