DEADLINE EXTENDED - Call for offers for a feasibility study for 'Promotion and realization of the rights of Roma in Kosovo and Albania'

DEADLINE EXTENDED - Call for offers for a feasibility study for 'Promotion and realization of the rights of Roma in Kosovo and Albania'


Karl Kübel Stiftung für Kind und Familie (KKS) and Kosovo Open Society Foundation (KFOS), with co-funding by the German Federal Ministry for  Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ),  invite all interested parties to apply with offers for producing a feasibility study on the project  “Promotion and realization of the rights of Roma in Kosovo and Albania”. 


In Kosovo and Albania Roma communities face social exclusion, which usually manifests itself in the form of life in poverty, segregation, difficult access to social services, discrimination and so on. In recent years, there have been improvements in the political efforts in both countries for a better social inclusion of Roma. Despite a difficult economic situation, poverty and social inequalities, participation of Roma communities in education has improved, whereas their participation in health and social services remains at low level. The same remains for employability. Policies at the different political levels were improved mainly in education sector, but there is a lack of implementation at all levels. At the same time, the need of proper coordination, budget commitment and awareness has grown. 

The project is dedicated to contribute to further improve the situation of the Roma communities in Kosovo and Albania. To this end, a consortium of three experienced organizations, led by the long-term partner KFOS, implements an integrated multi-level approach that seeks to increase the scope of impact to the macro level as well through strategic networking. 

The purpose of the feasibility study is to provide the contracting entities with a sound basis for developing and optimising the proposed project concept by clarifying the prerequisites, opportunities and risks. In particular, it is about an assessment of the feasibility of the project and a systematic review of the extent to which the project approach can plausibly achieve the planned changes under the existing framework conditions.

Expected Deliverables

The contractee will deliver the following outputs in English and WORD-format:

  • Inception report including methodology, data collection tools, budget breakdown and detailed work plan to be discussed and agreed with KKS in advance. 

  • Draft feasibility study report including key results, different scenario analyses, strengths and limitations and recommendations according to the structure given in Annex I (without annexes). The draft report will be shared with KKS, KFOS and relevant stakeholders for their inputs and will be validated in a workshop in the project area.

  • Final feasibility study report of maximum 30 pages (excl. annexes), according to the structure given in Annex I (2 Hard copies and soft copy).


The deadline has been extended. Offers can be submitted until August 24, 2022 to Kosovo Open Society Foundation to the email:

The following documents must be submitted by the consultants as PDF:

- Technical offer 

  1. Reference to the feasibility of the present ToR.
  2. Brief description of the overall design and methodology of the feasibility study and a proposed work plan (max. 3 pages)

-Financial offer

  1. A budget proposal for the entire feasibility study incl. VAT, specifying the number of suggested working days and other relevant costs (e.g. accommodation costs, local transport)
  2. Proof of professional admission and taxation of the consultants (e.g. by specifying the tax number).
  3. CVs of relevant personnel, with two references 
  4. Statement of independence
  5. Registration documentation that proves the eligibility or performing similar undertaking.

To apply, please download and read the full TERMS OF REFERENCE(TOR)  HERE.

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