Civic Energy Center (CEC) is opened

Civic Energy Center (CEC) is opened

November 9, 2015


Civic Energy Center(CEC) is opened in North Mitrovica, as a result of cooperation between Kosovo Foundation for Open Society – KFOS and NGO Aktiv. The Center will support civic initiatives and promote a culture of open dialogue on relevant questions concerning citizens of north Kosovo. Civic Energy Center also hosts a modern TV studio from which a new TV show SporaZoom will be broadcasted and that will be a central place for public discussion on the most important topics regarding life in Kosovo. 

The executive director of Kosovo Foundation for Open Society Luan Shllaku stated that the civic sector has the irreplaceable role in the development of every community.

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“We will all agree that the time has come for the so-called third sector, the civil sector, to which not only NGO’s but every formal and informal civic initiative belong, to be even more active and bring new energy, to be even more recognizable, because it will offer a new and constructive discourse and new initiatives for the continued democratization of this society. We, along with our colleagues from the non-governmental sector, thought that the best way to support these kinds of initiatives was through the equipping and the opening of this kind of center – the Centre for Civic Energy – whose priority will be to strengthen democratic principles and create the conditions for dialogue between various social groups in order to bring us ever closer to EU standards. I am convinced that this center will be able to connect easily with various actors on various levels, from individuals to institutions, because that way it will be more powerful, stronger and more influential”, said Shllaku.

NGO Aktiv will be in charge of everyday activities of the Civic Energy Center, and the executive director Miodrag Milićević said that the doors of the Center are open for all initiatives.

“This is a social place in which we will foster an open, honest and civilized dialogue about our lives, the lives of Serbs in Kosovo, a dialogue between ourselves as well as with our Albanian neighbors. We will foster words that invoke understanding, tolerance, prosperity and equality; we will strive to send messages from here that everyone who has been given the power to decide over our lives will hear. That which I wish to emphasize is that this is not just AKTIV’s and KFOS’ Center, but one that belongs to all of us: An open space for open-minded people and organizations that wish to work responsibly for the wellbeing of the average person in Kosovo. Those initiatives will, without any doubt, have a place to present their ideas either through our programs or through their own initiatives, for which the doors of this center are always open.”

Twice a month, the space of the Civic Energy Center, built to be multifunctional, will be turned into a TV studio from which the TV show SporaZoom will be broadcasted across all of Kosovo and the region. The Dokukino Foundation will be in charge for the show’s production.

“TV Show SporaZoom, our common product, is the result of desire to have the content of mondial quality on the local television. The format of the TV show will, with the help of experienced journalist and modern TV expression, open all relevant topics of this region. By utilizing the experience of local televisions and our vision and creativity, we are determined to build this TV Show as the most important show in Serbian language in Kosovo. During one hour of show, twice a month at prime time, you will have the possibility to follow things that matter to you, you will see the stories that are recorder in your neighborhoods, you will have the opportunity to be the part of the audience in the studio and finally, to participate through social networks”, said the president of the Dokukino Foundation, Darko Soković.

Video “Making of” in one minute of Civic Energy Center

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