KFOS inaugurates solar panels in six 'Sunny Schools' in Gjakova

KFOS inaugurates solar panels in six 'Sunny Schools' in Gjakova

March 4, 2024


Six public schools in the Municipality of Gjakova in Kosovo will embark on a transformative path to sustainability and financial responsibility thanks to the Sunny Schools Initiative, led by the Open Society Foundations in the Western Balkans. These educational institutions will harness the power of clean energy through photovoltaic panels purchased by the Foundation.

The initiative promises significant benefits not only for the environment, but also for the financial well-being of the local community. By switching to clean energy sources, these schools are expected to save up to €12,000 per year while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions, contributing to a healthier environment for future generations.

This initiative marks an important step towards democratizing energy and empowering the community. Through strategic investments by the municipality, the savings created will be reinvested back into the school community, aligning with the priorities set by the community itself.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Gjakova, Ardian Gjini, emphasized that he is "extremely happy for the completion of the project of installing photovoltaic panels - a project for the benefit of the community and our common environment. Every contribution in this aspect makes a big difference towards collective well-being."

The Sunny Schools initiative illustrates a practical model of energy transition, showing how local governments and education communities can collaborate to drive meaningful change. By engaging in the energy transition, these schools are not only reducing their carbon footprint, but are also setting an inspiring example for others to follow.

The director of the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS), Lura Limani, said "Kosovo continues to remain one of the most polluted countries in Europe. While the energy transition will be a long and difficult process for a country like ours that depends on coal, initiatives like Sunny Schools aim to lay the groundwork for a citizen-led energy transition that works for them.”

This initiative is an example of how citizens shape the energy transition and make it work for them. The initiative embodies the essence of how citizens and local communities can be actively involved in addressing climate change, ensuring a sustainable and just transition for all.

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