The new enlargement methodology: An obstacle or a motivation?

The failure to open accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania in October marked a turn for the European perspective of Western Balkans countries. A little less than a month later, Paris shared with other EU member states a non-paper through which it proposed a deep reform of the enlargement process. This brief document that incited a fiery debate on the stagnation of the enlargement process and ways in which this lethargy could be overcome, is also the main topic of the most recent publication of the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society, titled “The new enlargement methodology: An obstacle or a motivation?”

Written by Gjeraqina Tuhina and Augustin Palokaj, Brussels-based correspondents and European integration experts, this brief analysis deconstructs the French proposal, tackles the 

big question regarding the credibility of EU institutions, as well as offers recommendations for policymakers. 

The complete paper in English can be found here.

The complete paper in Albanian can be found here. 

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