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Summer School ‘Soros 2011’

The Summer School “Soros 2011” which was jointly organized by Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS) and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MASHT) has now ended. The School was organized as a segment within the project of providing support towards the Implementation of the Strategy for the Integration of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Communities in Kosovo. The summer school was held in Durrës, Albania beginning of July.

The aim is for this school to become a traditional event, and this is the second time that the school was organized by KFOS.

The extensive program that was taught interactively covered civic action in order to prepare the youth from Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities to be more actively involved in decision making processes as well as advocacy matters that should address issues that are important for these communities.

Five modules were taught: State and Election Processes, Debate, Law Module and Street Theatre and Pantomime – to initiate changes.

The trainings were very well received by the participants, and they were very well carried out by the trainers of the organization “FOL”.



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