The Foundation’s Civil Society Program supports the development of an environment in which civil society organisations in Kosovo are able to engage in meaningful and effective monitoring and advocacy with regards to public policy. In this way, a culture of active citizenship is encouraged and CSO capacities to influence policy processes impacting Kosovo’s political, economic and social development are nurtured.

The program works on a number of strategic issues, including building effective partnerships between civil society and government; developing the capacity of civil society to analyse and monitor public policy; increase civil society’s ability to monitor and advocate for transparency and accountability mechanisms; and building partnerships between civil society organisations in Kosovo, the region, and internationally. To this end, the Foundation supports a number of civil society organisations in Kosovo in their implementation of research, monitoring and capacity building projects. The Foundation also works with the Government and a number of international organisations to achieve its aims.

As a result of its continuous work in this regard, the Foundation, through its Civil Society Program, has developed a unique role in stimulating, facilitating and leader a wider debate on development priority issues.



Sihana Mehmeti

Program Coordinator for Transparency and Accountability Program

Tel: +381 (0)38 542 157/158/159/160 ext. 108



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