The Foundation’s European Integration Program seeks to assist Kosovo’s inclusive and transparent integration into the European Union. This process requires adoption of a number of adequate policies that respond to the EU’s political and economic standards and those found in the Ahtisaari Plan. Both of these processes present a number of challenges and require serious political and administrative commitment.

In pursuit of this aim, the Program focuses on three broad issues. Firstly it seeks to accelerate the policy reform process in order to meet political and economic standards. Secondly, the Foundation works with civil society to develop local expertise on European policies thus increasing their capacity to critically assess public institutions in this field. Finally, the Program facilitates the development of ideas and policy recommendations through public debate and consensus-building measures. In so doing, the Foundation raises awareness among civil society and increases their capacities to initiate and drive democratic reform processes.

As well as supporting civil society activities through its grant-making scheme, the Program has developed and implemented its own operational projects. Examples include Forum 2015: Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Integration; the Capacity Building Facility, which is implemented in partnership with UNDP Kosovo, and the Kosovo School for European Integration, a joint project between KFOS and the Kosovar Civil Society Foundation.

In working to achieve its objectives, the Program works with civil society both in Kosovo and internationally, international institutions in Kosovo and the Kosovo Government.


Lura Limani

Program Coordinator for European Integration

Tel: +381 (0)38 542 157/158/159/160 ext. 109



Denion Galimuna

Program Coordinator for European Integration

Tel: +381 (0)38 542 157/158/159/160 ext. 107


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