Kosovo Foundation for Open Society
Kosovo Foundation for Open Society

Overview of small grants approved within Emergency Fund

Mr. George Soros created the Emergancy Fund as an additional budgetary fund for the countries where the Open Society Institute is traditionally present to improve situation in some of the socio-economic issues mostly affected by global financial crises.This fund is intended to assure that previous achievements towards the goals of a open society not to lag behind or go back to being influenced by economic pressure caused by the crisis.This fund is intended to address urgent needs of the society’s most vulnerable groups. These vulnerable groups are not just those we traditionally see them as such (groups marginalized by poverty, ethnicity, beliefs, habits, etc) but also the entire social strata (such as middle class). Middle class once was in far better position but social changes, especially the financial crisis, which in Kosovo came in form of reduced investments, reduced subsidies from the Diaspora as well as direct losses of various institutions (eg. pension fund), have made this group be a vulnerable one. So far, Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS) has supported 18 different projects in the total amount of $ 300 000 through three calls for proposals. Short descriptions of supported projects can be found below.

Emergency Fund 2009
Emergency Fund 2010
Emergency Fund 2010-2



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