Overview of small grants approved within Emergency Fund

Mr. George Soros created the Emergancy Fund as an additional budgetary fund for the countries where the Open Society Institute is traditionally present to improve situation in some of the socio-economic issues mostly affected by global financial crises.This fund is intended to assure that previous achievements towards the goals of a open society not to lag behind or go back to being influenced by economic pressure caused by the crisis.This fund is intended to address urgent needs of the society’s most vulnerable groups. These vulnerable groups are not just those we traditionally see them as such (groups marginalized by poverty, ethnicity, beliefs, habits, etc) but also the entire social strata (such as middle class). Middle class once was in far

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Census 2011 – Challenges, obstacles and opportunities for the minorities in Kosovo


Kosovo Foundation for Open Society has gathered, in the two-day workshop from 15 until 16 December 2010 in Durres – Albania, representatives of 45 civil society organizations from minority communities, in order to support the process of population census in Kosovo which will be held from April 1- April 15, 2011. During these two days, representatives of Bosniak, Gorani, Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian NGO’s were informed in detail about the process of the census and discussed possible challenges for these communities in relation to the census. As a result, during the last day of training, certain number of project ideas were designed which will be implemented through projects in the areas where members of these communities live in order to

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Statement of Civil Society on the attack against Momcilo Arlov

We, the representatives of the civil society in Kosovo and Serbia strongly condemn the attack against Mr. Momcilo Arlov, Program Director of the Center for Civil Society Development and his family, in Mitrovica on October 20, 2010, around 02:00 AM. This attack has been carried out against one of the most active civil society representative from North of Kosovo and as such it poses threats against truly democratic values of an open society with freedom of speech and civic activism, a kind of society we all aim.  We support and encourage Momcilo Arlov and the Center for Civil Society Development to continue their work on promoting democratic values and the rule of law hoping that incidences as the last one will

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