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Kosovo Foundation for Open Society

KFOS Strategy 2017-2020

Kosovo Foundation for Open Society 2017-2020 Strategy Paper

Over the coming four years the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS) will maintain its focus on the two main challenges to open society in Kosovo: ethnic division and the culture of impunity. This strategy update, which was developed together with the foundation board, further strengthens those initiatives that have borne the most fruit over the past two years, while incorporating critical learning into the improvement of other aspects of this strategic agenda.

The foundation’s four main goals are:

  1. To gradually realize the reconnection of ethnic Serbs and Albanians in the deeply divided city of Mitrovica;
  2. To effectively challenge the culture of impunity related to large-scale corruption;
  3. To leverage the conditionality of Kosovo’s EU perspective to advance a range of domestic reforms and to infuse European values into governance practices;
  4. To depoliticize and reform Kosovo’s corrupt higher education sector, both as an end in itself, and as a high profile example of challenging impunity.

To read the entire strategy paper, please click here.

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