‘EU support for the Balkans and Kosovo in response to the coronavirus pandemic’

The spread of the Coronavirus was unexpected even for the European Union.  If at first European Union institutions were slow to react and come to the aid of member states, as well as associated states, the situation changed later on.

Nevertheless, this delay caused dissatisfaction amongst member states as well as Western Balkans countries, and the EU faced harsh criticism as a result.

Similar to how Covid-19 revealed structural problems in any country, in the European Union the pandemic raised concerns whether common institutions had the ability to face great challenges that endangered the citizens of its member states.

To analyze the European Union’s response to the pandemic regarding Western Balkans countries in general, and Kosovo in particular, the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society launches the brief paper co-written by Gjeraqina Tuhina and Augustin Palokaj, titled “EU support for the Balkans and Kosovo in response to the coronavirus pandemic”.

In this short publication, the authors analyze the first response of the EU institutions to the COVID-19 pandemic, their approach to the Western Balkans throughout the crisis, and discuss the future of the EU relations to the region after the pandemic.

Furthemore, the authors eemphasize how the public health crisis increased vulnerabilities towards the dissemination of disinformation, and in the case of Kosovo, served as a backdrop to a deep political crisis.

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