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Building knowledge about Kosovo – 3rd generation


The Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS) invites young and qualified researchers to apply to become part of the third cohort of a diverse group of academics and policy experts to produce and disseminate original research about Kosovo.

The project, initially launched in 2016, brings together junior scholars from the Western Balkans and members of the European Union, who will be mentored by internationally well-established professors, with the aim of producing academic and non-academic pieces about Kosovo’s state-building process, European integration path and relations with EU member states and regional neighbors, including non-recognizers.

Main objectives:

  • Produce and widely disseminate new knowledge about Kosovo’s statehood and its complex policy making questions.
  • Bring together and support young and dynamic researchers interested in producing original analysis on contemporary Kosovo.
  • Encourage researchers to design and use new tools for disseminating their research and ideas.
  • Form a network of dynamic and promising experts whose work relates to Kosovo and the region.

To fulfill these objectives, KFOS invites individuals to apply for a grant for a micro-project that will involve two key components: research, and ongoing publicity and dissemination. Deadline of application April 8, 2019.

How it works

Twelve young researchers will be selected to realize a comprehensive study on a topic of their choice, closely or loosely related to main themes defined by the organizers. Upon their selection all participants are assigned to an experienced academic who will guide their research to completion through frequent interaction, be that online or in person.

In the early phase of the project, participants will work with research supervisors on their individual research plans and with project coordinators on their publicity and dissemination plans. Participants will spend seven months in data collection, analysis and drafting. During this time they will have the opportunity to visit Kosovo for data collection and research networking purposes.

Research papers will be then submitted to the project coordinators and after a rigorous review and revision process they will be assembled together in an edited volume that will be published by KFOS.

Moreover, during the entire duration of the project, participants will be required to implement an agreed-upon publicity and dissemination plan, which, together with the research itself, is a core component of the project. Well-thought of publicity and dissemination plans will constitute key components of individual applications and will carry important weight for the selection of project participants. Systematic implementation of effective publicity and dissemination actions will be a key requirement for the successful finalization of individual micro-projects.

Duration of the project

Participants are expected to be involved in the project from June 2019 until March 2020, although adjustments may be made according to needs.

What we offer

Selected participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in a kick-off workshop in Thessaloniki during which they will attend master classes and get advice on their individual research projects;
  • Receive research guidance from experienced academics for the entire duration of this project;
  • Visit Kosovo and spend several days in data collection, interviews and meeting Kosovar policy makers and civil society as well as the other project participants.
  • Publish research in an edited volume that will receive wide publicity in the EU countries and the Western Balkans;
  • Receive full funding for all project activities (Thessaloniki kick off workshop, field trip to Kosovo, publication of edited volume etc.).
  • Receive remuneration for their research and publicity work at the total amount of 3,000 EUR;
  • Disseminate findings in both EU countries and the Western Balkans through various public events, dissemination acts, networking activities that are part of KFOS projects.
  • Become members of an exciting new group of up and coming researchers who will devise creative and novel ideas for future research focusing on Kosovo and the Western Balkans.

Research topics

The organizers will give priority to research proposals that focus on producing work regarding:

  • Kosovo’s European perspective:

Research topics that tackle the process of Kosovo’s accession to the EU from either the perspective of EU institutions, EU member states or Kosovo; EU accession conditionality and implementation of reforms; analysis of problems and challenges, obstacles and facilitators; Kosovo in the European and Balkan regional cooperation schemes; Kosovo and the Berlin process; Kosovo and the European Commission enlargement strategy, etc.

  • Kosovo’s relations with European countries, with emphasis on non-recognizes:

Issues pertaining to diplomatic, political, societal perspectives and dimensions between Kosovo and the seven non-recognizing states in the EU and the Western Balkans;  modalities of cooperation and non-cooperation at both the governmental and non-governmental level; modalities of cooperation with countries that have recognized Kosovo but maintain minimal relations with Prishtina; analysis of problems and challenges, obstacles and facilitators; analysis of specific areas of potential cooperation and assessment of previous record of cooperation; Kosovo in the domestic political dialogue of non-recognizing countries (e.g. Serbia’s dialogue on Kosovo); innovative ways for promoting European countries’ relations with Kosovo, etc.

The list of topics is not exhaustive and outstanding proposals focusing on research topics outside of these themes will also be considered. A comparative approach in research is also welcome, as are proposals that merge or bridge the above mentioned themes in a creative way.


The project is open to candidates from all EU member states and prospective member states (Western Balkans). Priority will be given to candidates from the following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Kosovo,  Montenegro, the Netherlands, North Macedonia,Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Spain.

Candidates should have the following qualifications and skills:

  • A Master’s degree in a social sciences discipline; applications from candidates currently pursuing doctoral studies or have recently completed their doctorate are welcome and will be considered favorably.
  • Some research experience for academic or non-academic publications (including, policy publications and reports)
  • Fluency in English and ability to conduct research, draft scholarly and popular pieces alike as well as implement publicity actions in the English language.
  • Adequate knowledge of contemporary Balkan affairs and an interest to engage in public debates about the future of the region in the country of origin and beyond.
  • Social media skills and an interest to use new and innovative tools to disseminate ideas & research findings.


  • Attend the Thessaloniki kick off workshop (30-31 May 2019).
  • Conduct fieldwork in Kosovo as required by individual research project.
  • Implement the individual research micro-project with diligence, following the standards of scholarly research and academic ethics.
  • Follow the guidance of research supervisors on all matters pertaining to individual research as well as the advice and instructions of the project organizers and coordinators on all matters of project implementation, publicity and dissemination.
  • Implement in a timely and comprehensive manner all necessary revisions to academic and non-academic texts produced as per feedback provided by the research supervisors and project coordinators. The timely delivery of all outputs is of utmost importance for the successful finalization of individual research micro-projects.
  • Systematically implement the publicity and dissemination plan agreed upon with project organizers.
  • Report regularly and as deemed necessary by the project coordinators and regularly update the project’s shared online platform with updates about research activity, publicity and dissemination.

Expected outputs

Project participants will be required to deliver, in stipulated deadlines and under the guidance of research supervisors and project coordinators, the following outputs:

  • A research paper ready for publication in an edited volume.
  • Abstract of research paper.
  • Individual project fact sheet in a standard form provided by the organizers.
  • An ongoing publicity and dissemination plan/strategy.
  • Online and real-life activities to promote and disseminate research findings.
  • Info-graphics or other visual renderings of data and statistical findings.
  • Two to three op-ed articles, at least one of which will be co-authored with the participant’s project research supervisor.


How to apply

Applicants should send their full applications by email to Lura Limani at lura.limani@kfos.org by April 4, 2019 (CoB).

Earlier applications are encouraged since the organizers will process applications as they come.

A maximum of twelve candidates from eligible countries will be selected. Project participants will be informed about their selection at the latest by 23 April 2018.

Applications should include the following:

  1. A motivation letter explaining how the candidate fits the objectives of the project and the profile of participants.
  2. A two-page proposal for Component 1: Research. The proposal will outline an individual research project and should include research questions, theoretical and conceptual issues, methodology, data to be collected and plan till finalization of the research.
  3. A two-page proposal for Component 2: Ongoing publicity and dissemination. The proposal will be a comprehensive plan for ongoing publicity of the candidate’s individual research project and for dissemination of its research findings. The plan should aim publicity and dissemination in home country and beyond and should not only target the academic community, but also broader audiences and the wider public. Apart from standard academic dissemination of the final scientific findings, the plan should envisage ongoing publicity for the entire course of the project using multiple platforms (e.g. social media, existing research and civil society networks, already planned events etc.). The plan should aim for no-cost publicity actions and if any of the activities would require funding from the project organizers this should be specifically mentioned and a tentative budget estimate provided. The project organizers may fund a small number of dissemination activities proposed by the various project participants; thus the emphasis and bulk of the proposed plan should be on no-cost publicity and dissemination actions. The organizers welcome also ideas for the formation of a network of researchers involved in the project and other analysts focusing of Kosovo’s contemporary policy making questions.
  4. CV and a list of publications.


The following weights will be used for the evaluation of applications:

Motivation letter (10%)

Research proposal (30%)

Ongoing publicity and dissemination plan (30%)

Education and experience (30%)


Deadlines and project timeline

Project action Deadline
Deadline for submission of proposals by applicants 8 April  2019
Selection process 9-17 April 2019
Notification of applicants 19 April 2019
Kick-off workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece 29 May – 1 June 2019
Research, writing and dissemination June – November 2019
Field visit to Kosovo (tentatively) Sep 2019
Delivery of first draft of individual research papers 1 Oct 2019
Feedback and revisions Oct – Nov 2019
Delivery of final versions of research papers 1 Dec 2019
Editing and preparation of edited volume Dec 2019 – Jan 2020
Launch of edited volume Feb 2020
Publicity and dissemination activities Throughout

NB: The above timeline is tentative and the project organizers reserve the right to adjust and/or extend the time frame in accordance with project needs.

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