Amir Haxhikadrija, International Relief and Development

Chairman of the Board

Amir Haxhikadrija is a Regional Business Development Director for Balkan at International Relief & Development. He has been with IRD for six years and his business development experience includes business intelligence, development of capture plans and development of technical solutions and proposals for programs focusing on health, youth, community development and civil society. He has analytical interest in health programs, especially in health policy and health care system planning, as well as civil society (advocacy) and youth issues. His notable accomplishments also include published works in migration and development nexus, social protection and social inclusion issues and youth problems in post conflict societies, including a recently published UNICEF study on quality of education in post-conflict societies. Amir has also an extensive experience in project and program monitoring, performance measurement and economic appraisal and evaluation. Prior to joining IRD Amir lead the Kosovo Youth Council for four years, was employed by the OSCE and British Council and worked as a consultant for SDC, UNICEF, UNFPA, ILO, European Commission, IRC and Save the Children, just to mention a few. He is a medical doctor and holds an MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Financing from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).

Gjylieta Mushkolaj, University of Prishtina

Board Member

Gjyljeta Mushkolaj is a Professor of Law at the University of Prishtina. She was a Judge of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo since its establishment until June 25, 2012. Prior to her appointment to the Constitutional Court, Ms. Mushkolaj was a member of the Constitutional Commission of the Republic of Kosovo, a body of historical importance established by the President of Kosovo for drafting the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, member of the Group for the establishment the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo, Ethics exam writing expert for the Independent Judicial and Prosecutorial Commission (IJPC), an autonomous body established by UNMIK and funded by the European Commission and the Government of the United States of America, for the purpose of conducting a one-time, comprehensive, Kosovo wide review of the suitability of all applicants for permanent appointments as judges and prosecutors in Kosovo, the decentralization expert to the Kosovo Negotiation Team, and member of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo Joint Advisory Council for Legislative Matters.

Beginning in 1999, Ms. Mushkolaj worked with NGO representatives to develop a sound legal and fiscal framework for public participation in the decision-making process in Kosovo and other South-European countries. She also worked with major international organizations on projects pertaining to the freedom of association and the rule of law in Kosovo. She is active in civic affairs, serving in numerous boards and committees, and was one of the founding members of the American University in Kosovo Foundation.

Ms. Mushkolaj completed her law studies at the University of Prishtina, and the master’s program in Comparative Constitutional Law at the Central European University. She completed her second master and doctoral studies in the field of Constitutional Law at the University of Prishtina.

On the occasion the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, the Kosovo Chamber of Advocates in collaboration with USAID Kosovo Justice Support Program honored Ms. Mushkolaj as a “Woman Pioneer in Justice.”

Erzen Shkololli, Unë e du Kosovën

Board Member

Erzen Shkololli is an artist and curator, and the director of the foundation Unë e du Kosovën in Prishtina, Kosovo. From 2011 until 2015 he was director of the National Gallery of Kosovo and in 2013 commissioner of the first representation of the Republic of Kosovo at the 55th edition of the Venice Biennale. From 2003 to 2007 he held the position of artistic director at the Contemporary Art Institute EXIT in Peja, an exchange initiative in Kosovo, involved with transforming the local cultural landscape.

His artistic practice utilises local rituals and folklore in order to draw attention to specific socio-political situations; his work has been exhibited internationally in museums including the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, the Centre Pompidou, Paris and the Fridericianum, Kassel.

In addition to his artistic practice, Shkololli arranged the Kontakt Art Collection exhibition titled ‘Thirty One’ curated by Hans Urlich Obrist and Petrit Halilaj at the National Gallery of Kosovo (2015). He curated “Thirty Years After: Šejla Kamerić” (2015), ‘Sokol Beqiri: Retrospective’ (2014), ‘Simon Shiroka: Retrospective’ at the National Gallery in Tirana (2014) and at the National Gallery of Kosovo (2013) and co-curated ‘Engjell Berisha – Befre: Retrospecive’ (2013) and ‘Graphics’ from the collection of NGK (2013).

In 2008 he was a recipient of the DAAD Artist in Residency Fellowship, Berlin. Since 2003 he has been a member of the European Cultural Parliament. He lives and works in Prishtina.

Artan Loxha, Cardno Emerging Markets

Board Member

Mr. Artan Loxha is a development economist with key expertise on labor markets, public finance, macroeconomic policy and national strategic planning. Mr. Loxha has worked as a management consultant with Deloitte, Ernst and Young, BearingPoint, and IMPAQ International. Mr. Loxha also worked as a labor market expert at the World Bank headquarters in Washington DC with a focus on Eastern Europe and Central Asia region. In Kosovo, Mr. Loxha, while serving as head of economic cluster at the United Nations Development Program, was successful in putting together new development projects on trade, remittances and employment generation. Mr. Loxha is currently engaged with Cardno Emerging Markets, which implements a major private sector development project in Kosovo financed by the US Agency for International Development. Mr. Loxha has strong experience in portfolio management, including solid knowledge on project management tools. Mr. Loxha was educated at Columbia University (master’s degree in economics) and the London School of Economics (master’s degree in international development). Mr. Loxha also received his executive education in project management at Georgetown University.

Jelena Djokic

Board Member

Jelena Djokic is a Professor of Environmental engineering and management at the University of Mitrovica, and International Business School Mitrovica. In her 30 years career, she was working in private, public and civil sector in production, management and research and development areas. Beginning in 1990, she has worked in Trepca zinc production plant, as production manager, and in 1995 , became assistant professor at the Faculty of mining and metallurgy. She has dedicated her efforts to the science, technology, engineering and environment, so she has published numerous scientific papers with some 35 of them in the most appreciated science journals in the world. As researcher she has participated in many international science projects, with special emphasize on global climate change impacts to the environment and sustainable development. She was very active in education development, and she was one of the pioneers of the opening the University of Mitrovica to the international projects. She was awarded Higher Education Reform Expert by EACEA. At the moment she is active in two Erasmus + projects as a project management board member in the field of Natural Disasters Risk Management in Western Balkans and centers of excellence in sustainable development.

After the local elections in 2013, as an expert, she was actively engaged as Advisor to the Mayor of Zvecan, in order to make the new system operational and functional. In this capacity she has been engaged in the implementation of the large infrastructure projects, funded by EU, such as Regional water supply, sewerage and waste management systems. She has also drafted submitted and being granted on behalf of the northern municipalities, with numerous projects in the field of increasing transparency of the local authorities, citizens participation in the decision making process, gender based domestic violence, youth and women employment, sport and culture organizations, and many others in the north of Kosovo.
Ms. Djokic completed her engineering studies at the University of Prishtina, and the master’s program in technology at the University of Belgrade. She completed her PhD studies at the University of Mitrovica.

Linda Shala, Data Project Electronics, Owner and General Manager

Board Member

Linda Shala was born 1966 in Mitrovica – Kosovo. Graduated Economic Development at the University of Prishtina, and also earned MA in Diplomacy, Inter-cultural Competency and International Relations.  Ms. Shala has extensive journalist experience, spending many years at Radio Television of Prishtina (RTP) and later serving as executive producer at Radio Television of Kosova (RTK) 1999-2002. Throughout these years, her entrepreneurial spirit kept her engaged in the private sector, as well, managing small trade and service-providing enterprises.  She has founded and managed Data Project Electronics since 13 years ago, a trade company specializing in wholesale and retail of consumer electronics and home appliances. In 2007, Ms. Shala was awarded “Top Business Woman” by the non-governmental organization “New Vision”. In 2008 she was medaled with the special recognition from Media Company “Koha Group” for contribution to Kosovo’s Sport. In 2009, Kosovo Assembly Women Caucus accredited Linda Shala as “Top business women of the year”. Her own company, Data Project Electronics in 2009 won the FIDES award of Forum For Civic Initiatives Kosovo for corporative philanthropy at national level. Linda Shala is Board Member of Basketball Federation of Kosovo and Board Member of Kosovo Women`s Chamber of Commerce. She lives in Prishtina and is known as committed promoter of gender equality. Ms. Shala can be contacted at:,

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